Responsabilit socitale et dveloppement durable

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Corporate and social performance links in the gaming industry

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Available online 7 January 2013
Publication year: 2013
Source:Journal of Business Research

The study assesses how community stakeholders perceive the gaming industry and individual operator's corporate social performance (CSP) in the world gaming capital, Macao. The study also examines the relationship between CSP and organizational performance. The results show that community stakeholders perceive that the gaming industry as a whole contributes mostly to business and employment opportunities as well as to community development, but least to environmental protection and responsible gambling. The results also show that better performance on these corporate social initiatives leads to better financial performance and more favorable employment choice. The study provides a social responsibility performance model that represents gaming operators' CSP on a ‘radar’ chart. The results may be useful in helping gaming destinations, practitioners, and scholars to gain insights on the current state of CSP both in developing gaming regions and in the fast-growing gaming industry.

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