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Future Sustainability and Images

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Publication year: 2010
Source: Futures, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 28 April 2010

P.J., Beers , A., Veldkamp , F., Hermans , D., van Apeldoorn , J., Vervoort , ...

Ambitions for sustainable development invariably lead to pondering the future, because sustainability issues require a future oriented transition of existing, unsustainable systems and practices. Working towards transition requires thorough experimentation with a broad range of innovation projects. However, in the public arena, many such projects are met with stereotypical images, which influence their innovative potential in often unpredictable ways. What is the role of multiple images in complex sustainable development issues, and what are promising approaches to deal with their associated problems? We report current insights from selected cases from TransForum, a large-scale innovation programme toward transition of Dutch agriculture....

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Managing the landscapes of the Australian Northern Territory for sustainability: Visions, issues and strategies for successful planning

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Publication year: 2010
Source: Futures, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 22 April 2010

D.M., Pearson , J.T., Gorman

The Northern Territory in Australia is a unique place. The region covers one sixth of the land mass of Australia with a population of only 200 000 people. One third of this population is indigenous and just over half of the land is under Aboriginal land title (mostly communal ownership). The landscapes in this region are still in a relatively good condition yet a large proportion of the indigenous population that reside within them are seen to be living with major social and health problems. The governance of the region is a complex mixture of Federal, Territory, and Local Government,...

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Exploring social responsibility of immigrant entrepreneurs: Do home country contextual factors play a role?

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Publication year: 2010
Source: European Management Journal, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 25 January 2010

Fara, Azmat

Globalisation and technological advancement have blurred geographical boundaries resulting in increased immigrant entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, immigrant entrepreneurs face challenges resulting from different values, policies, institutional environment, culture, and perception of social responsibility (SR) in the new country. This paper focuses on one of these challenges, exploring whether the perceptions of social responsibility of immigrant entrepreneurs coming from less-developed countries are influenced by their home country contextual factors. It presents a contextual framework consisting of a number of propositions specifying the influence of home country contextual factors – culture, institutional environment, and level of socio-economic development – on shaping the perceptions of...

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The Impact of Causal Ambiguity on Competitive Advantage and Rent Appropriation

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We seek to develop the conceptual and practical understanding of causal ambiguity. Specifically we extend current thinking by setting out three types of causal ambiguity, based on whether firm resources are perceived to display linkage and/or characteristic ambiguity, and by examining for each type the impact of causal ambiguity on the sustainability of competitive advantage and on rent appropriation. We highlight the difficulties decision-makers face when they perceive ambiguity and finally we explore some implications of ambiguity with respect to resource-creation processes.

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