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Publication date: Available online 18 January 2016 Source:European Management Journal Author(s): Graeme Martin, Elaine Farndale, Jaap Paauwe, Philip G. Stiles In this paper we develop a ...
... between the deeply held beliefs of individuals and these stimuli. The authors offer recommendations on how strategic reputation management can be approached within and across stakeholder groups at a time ...
Publication date: Available online 21 December 2015 Source:Long Range Planning Author(s): María D. López-Gamero, José F. Molina-Azorín The impact of proactive environmental management on the ...
Publication date: Available online 2 January 2016 Source:European Management Journal Author(s): Veselina Vracheva, William Q. Judge, Timothy Madden A firm's enterprise strategy is its overarching ...
Publication date: Available online 11 December 2015 Source:European Management Journal Author(s): Rainer Lueg, Ronny Radlach The purpose of this article is to synthesize evidence of management ...
... We draw on critical management studies as a form of counter-conduct towards mainstream theorizing and seek an alternative to Freirean critical dialogue as a tool to promote empowerment alongside ethics ...
... identify differences in the quality of management and firm which can affect future social performance and is not entirely explained by past social performance. The findings of this study lend some support ...
We investigate the relationship between top management team compensation disparity and corporate social performance. We argue that pay structures with high disparity are reflective of transactional, individualistic ...
... trends, such as sustainability, the sharing economy, and the emergence of consumer-oriented health and performance management products. For each identified industry trend, the authors provide illustrative ...
... Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in the management literature. Specifically, we investigate the special issues dedicated to CSR and sustainability published in the CSR-specific, as well as ...
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